29 May 2011

We Pinky Promise.

We, Samantha Rae and Kelsey Ann, extend our most sincere apologies for not staying up-to-date with this beautiful love child (our blog) and from here on forth vow to be consistant to this blog, our commitments and our Creator for the rest of our lives from here on out.

 Our skype pinky promise is a representation of this vow.

Love, Rae and Ann

08 May 2011


 May:: home.



07 May 2011


In a desperate attempt to get re-connected with my best friend who is oh so far away in Costa Rica, we decided to create a way to document our lives apart through photography.  Each month, we will contemplate an overall theme and then post a picture which in some way, shape, or form relates to that exact word in our minds. 

For the month of May our theme will be home.  So this is it, the beginning.